How to choose the best sheer curtains for living room?

How to choose the best sheer curtains for living room? If you have just finished renovating your house or had a rearrangement done to your dining room, a new set of dining room curtains will be the final touch. Curtains are not just about functionality, but also about making your place look beautiful and cozy.

best sheer curtains for living room
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The variety of colors, shades, patterns, designs, and textures is vast. How do you not get lost choosing the right dining curtains for your home?

In this article, we will guide you through different styles of curtains so you make the best choice for a finished elegant look for your dining room.

Do you put best curtains for dining room?

A nice set of dining curtains that match the design of your dining room will undoubtedly give a fresh look to the dining space.

best curtains for dining room
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Getting the right curtains is all about imagining the design of the dining room you would want to implement and finding the style of curtains that will match your dream.

The dining curtains are also quite functional as you will be able to control the amount of light getting into the room. If you want to add privacy you just close the curtains.

How do I choose modern dining room curtains?

Start with browsing the Internet for the style of curtains you like. Whether it is a traditional style or a modern one, there are a lot of pictures that can inspire you.

Once you have decided on a style, there are lots more to consider.

Choosing the type of dining curtains. Best curtains for dining room

Panel curtains

best curtains for dining room
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It is a type of curtain that is just a straight piece of material, usually hanging on both sides of the window.


Usually, they are sold as a pair.

You can either keep them hanging or drape them. They also have different types of headers depending on the type of curtain rod you have.

Window scarves or swags

best curtains for dining room
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These types of curtains drape around a curtain rod and are used for decorating the top of the windows. There are many ways to hang curtains. The most common one is just swaging so it hangs in the middle of a rod and on each side of the window.


best curtains for dining room
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It is a short fabric piece that hangs in front of a rod covering it. It also adds softness, pattern, and color. A valance attaches to the curtain rod with clip rings or a rod pocket.


best curtains for dining room
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A cornice is a box-like valance made out of plywood. Usually, it’s either painted over or covered with fabric. If you want it to look stylish, you can pair a cornice with other window treatments like fabric shades or drapes.


best curtains for dining room
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These window treatments are just fabric panels that fit into the window frame and slide up and down across the window. Even though the Roman shades are quite plain they will give your dining space a fancy look.

Best curtains for dining room ideas

A dining room is a space where family and friends gather together a lot. Choosing the right curtains will add that beautiful finished look to the dining room with the ability to manage the amount of light that is going to squeeze in.

Below are the best dining room curtain ideas that will help you to choose the ones that will become the highlight in the design of your dining room.

Simple design

best curtains for dining room
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Keeping it simple doesn’t mean that it will not look nice. Matching the curtains with the walls will add that extra point to the dining room without having to drastically change anything.

Best curtains for dining room. Choosing contrasting colors

For a big room with large windows, the color of the curtains will make a major difference in the décor. Curtain colors can become the highlight of your whole interior. It all depends on your inspiration and envision.

best curtains for dining room
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Pay attention to the type of room. If your dining room is decorated using contrasting colors, the curtains in the same colors will complete the look as a whole.

There are classic contrasting combinations that are always in trend.

best curtains for dining room
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The black and white curtains present formality and purity. Light color walls would need darker shade curtains. Don’t be scared to choose a black color. It will attract attention to the window.

A combination of dark colors curtains or drapes along with white sheers gives you multiple choices on how you can use them.

It is quite functional when you need some light but you want to have privacy at the same time- keep the drapes open but leave the sheers to cover the windows. If you want to block the sunlight completely, the dark color curtains will help with that.

best curtains for dining room
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White contrasts well with any shade of blue. White walls and blue patterned curtains are the perfect matches. It is modern and will bring some excitement to your space.

Contrast warm and cool shades of curtains, and consider how the colors are going to affect the feelings. If you want to be calm and relaxed, choose cool colors such as green or blue. If you want to feel happy and emotional, go for warm colors like yellow or red.

Also, remember about different levels of absorption and reflection of the sunlight. Darker colors will reflect the sunlight less.

Adding some color to a neutral scheme

Getting curtains that are a bit darker or brighter in color than the walls and the furniture around the dining room will add a pop of color to the area. This principle can be used if the furniture or the walls have saturated shades, the color of the curtains should be more neutral.

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Lean into opulence with rich colors

Shop for the bright color dining room curtains to feature the design that you have chosen for your dining room. They will bring a fresh and modern look to the space.

Combining blackout curtains with sheer curtains

Blackout type of curtains will deliver a voguish frame to the windows while sheer curtains will bring more light in without disturbing privacy.

Choosing light and dark colors will give your dining room a vibrant look but won’t overwhelm it.

Get a modern look with lightweight sheer curtains

It’s becoming more popular using sheer curtains that besides adding some privacy also allow light into the room. They are easy to hang up because of their weight. The combo of sheer white curtains and drapes or panel curtains will give your room a classic look.

best curtains for dining room
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Add personality to your dining room with a unique print

Patterned curtains are unfairly forgotten about when it comes to choosing an eye-grabbing highlight for your space. They always come in a variety of colors as well so it is not going to be easy to make a choice.

If you are at a loss of what color and pattern to choose, consider getting the ones matching your carpet. Similar types of patterns and shades will go well together.

Draw the eye upward with puddle-length curtains

These longest types of curtains are usually 108 inches and more. They will perfectly fit the space with a high ceiling and will look beautiful and elegant in your dining room or any other room in your house. Hang them a few inches higher than your window frame to highlight the tall ceilings.

Layer up for luxury and warmth

Dining rooms with lots of space, large windows, and soft furnishings will definitely look even more luxurious if you try to combine layers of different texture curtains. It can be elegant sheer white curtains mixed with tall dark color curtains on the side of the windows.

Add a dramatic look to your dining room with dark drapes

It doesn’t mean you have to choose black color dining room curtains. It can be contrasting colors such as navy blue or dark chocolate brown.

best curtains for dining room
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A dining room is a great place where you can create a contemporary atmosphere based on your personal choice. Do not be afraid of experiments, pay attention to the details.

When should you choose drapes?

When you are thinking about whether to get thick and heavy drapes or rather lean toward something thinner and lighter, imagine how you will be using the room the most. If the dining room needs more privacy, you should select the drapes.

For a more appealing view, you can combine sheer curtains with drapes. Sheer curtains will allow more sunlight to enter the room keeping away the peeping toms.

Thick drapes are perfect for any room where you want to minimize the noise coming in from outside.

Glamourous wall-to-wall drapes

If you have chosen the color of the curtains that suits the design of your dining room, add some glam by choosing wide wall-to-wall drapes that will hang on each side of the window.

Adding Texture with a set of plain white drapes

If your small dining room looks a bit empty, hanging a set of plain white curtains will bring some eye-catching texture to the space. If the view from your window is breathtaking, these curtains won’t take the attention away from the scene.

Matching the dining room curtains with curtains in other rooms in the house

It is not compulsory. You are free to choose curtains of any style that matches the design of your dining room. It has to suit the floor, the dining chairs, the ceiling, and the walls in the room to add grace to the space.

If you opt for the choice of matching curtains around your home, the curtains will complement the entire space and will make the design more appealing.

Matching the curtains to the curtain rod

If your dining room curtains are the ones you attach to the curtain rod, you should choose the rod carefully. It has to match the curtains if it is going to be seen.

Alternatively, you can match the color of the dining room curtains to the walls and match the color of a curtain rod to the floor.

Add interest to the bay window

Having a bay window in your dining room will draw attention to every detail in the room. It allows natural light to shine in, making your dining room look stunning.

You can use Roman shades to decorate the area. The Roman shades can be custom-made for every window, bringing a taller and deeper feel to the bay window area.

Or you could be using patterned curtains. Choosing the main color that suits the whole idea of your design will complete the finishing touches to the dining room.

If you want to choose curtains for a small dining room the Roman shades are perfect because they don’t give the space an overwhelming look.

Sheer curtain decorating ideas for the dining rooms

If you are seeking more privacy but at the same time, you don’t want to limit the amount of light coming into your room, complement the space with sheer curtains. There are a lot of different ways the curtains can be hung, for example:

Tie a knot

Such details as tied knots are not something that people expect so you will be able to surprise your guests with this addition. It is also quite easy to make as the sheer curtains are very thin and light.

Cafe-type curtains

It best suits small windows in a dining room. These elegant lace sheer curtains will bring the memories of our parents’ home.

Swag curtains above your countertop

For a classic design of your dining room, apron-length sheer curtains are a perfect choice. You can make the room look even more appealing by adding tie-backs to the curtains for a more finished look.

FAQs: Best curtains for dining room

What curtains are in style for 2023?

One of the trends for 2023 is to keep it simple with designs. Simple doesn’t mean boring. Window treatments like trendy patterned curtains, white curtains, drapes, blinds, and Roman shades are perfect for dining rooms.

Once you have chosen the type of curtain that will best suit your room, it’s time to decide on the pattern and color of the curtain. Choosing from thousands of styles can be challenging, hence we recommend searching for inspiration on the Internet first.

If you don’t need your room to look luxurious, opt for the traditional roller blinds. They are easy to maintain and provide excellent coverage from natural light.

What is the best color for curtain in the room?

When you choose the color for the curtain, it has to contrast with the walls and the floor in your room and create harmony with the rest of the décor. You should start with selecting a couple of colors that you pull through in the curtains later.

Go for the plain curtain that will match the color scheme of the rooms in your home.

Do long or short curtains make a room look bigger?

Designers recommend choosing a long curtain rather than a short one. You have to measure the window correctly and choose the fabric that will help to create a finished look for your room.

At the end: Best curtains for dining room

We hope this article helped you with dining room curtain ideas. Before making a final decision on which curtains will best suit your place, ensure you looked at all the options because more contemporary styles are available nowadays.

Share this article with your friends. If you have any questions left, let us know in the comment section below.

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