Farmhouse kitchen wall decor: materials and colors

Wall decor plays an important role in the design of the room. With the help of the subtleties of decorating, you can make the kitchen stylish and cozy, zone the space, emphasize the advantages of the layout and hide the flaws. So, which materials and colors choose to your Farmhouse kitchen wall decor?

If you do not know, how do I make my kitchen look farmhouse, the article will tell about the farmhouse wall decor, the choice of material, and colors. You can see the difference in design in the photos.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Various materials can be used for the farmhouse wall decor. Which decor is better is difficult to answer unequivocally. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of the farmhouse wall decor is made based on the style of the room, financial capabilities, and personal preferences of the owners.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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It is not worth wallpapering the work area (next to the stove, and sink). But for other walls, this material is quite suitable. The main thing is to choose moisture-resistant variants.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Paper products with water-repellent impregnation are the cheapest. However, they fade, absorb odors, and can quickly lose their appearance due to the humid microclimate of the room.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Vinyl canvases are more durable and have a top synthetic layer. They do not fade and allow wet cleaning.


Non-woven products are strong, durable, resistant to high temperatures and humidity, have an interesting texture, and allow the walls to “breathe”. However, they are more expensive than other models.

Colors and prints should be selected based on the style of the interior and the decor of the room.

If you have picked a rustic farmhouse design, you can adorn it with striped wallpaper or canvases in a small flower.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Plastic panels are another relatively budget-friendly type of decorative finish. The material is reliable, durable, looks good, easy to clean. Often plastic is used for the farmhouse wall decor for aprons, but if desired, other walls can also be decorated with it.


Wall decoration with ceramic tiles is a reliable option. The material is durable, resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and fireproof.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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This finish serves the owners of the house for many years.

Nevertheless, only an apron is usually tiled. It is not recommended to use for an entire room, although in some cases it may look quite good (for example, if the tile imitates brick).

A ceramic apron looks good on any interior. The main thing is to choose the right color and pattern. For example, the farmhouse style can be emphasized with patchwork square tiles.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Decorative stone looks solid, noble, and expensive. It looks especially good in vintage farmhouse wall decor.

The material is durable, withstands elevated temperatures, does not absorb dirt and grease, and is not afraid of biological threats (fungus, mold).

Often the stone is combined with painting or plastering. This farmhouse wall decor looks lighter and more interesting.


This natural material is rarely used in interior design. At the same time, cork can create good sound and heat insulation. It does not accumulate dust, is resistant to moisture, and is not prone to mold.

The only negative is that the coating fades in the sun. In addition, it is desirable to maintain stable humidity in such a room; otherwise, the plates may dry out slightly.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Wooden lining

MDF slats look great in the country, as well as when creating a rustic-style apartment. A special coating should protect the lining from the negative effects of moisture and heat.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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What is farmhouse kitchen style? With this design, open wooden shelves, wall clocks, and small framed paintings look great and open the farmhouse style more.

You can combine lining with wallpaper or painted surfaces. In this case, the tree is located at the bottom of the wall.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Painting is the simplest and most versatile method for farmhouse wall decor, appropriate for any style. For the dining space, water-based paint is suitable.

It is hypoallergenic, does not smell, and dries quickly, and the result is pleasing to the eye. The painted glossy surface can be washed.

If the walls are not ideal, you can take matte paint. It visually hides defects.


This is a very unusual decorative coating, which includes many small particles resembling flakes.

Flakes can have different shapes and shades. The coating can be either monophonic or variegated and have a metallic or pearly sheen.

The material is wear-resistant and easy to clean (the wall can be wiped with a damp cloth).

The coating is environmentally friendly, does not fade in the sun, and looks luxurious. The disadvantages include the high price and complexity of installation.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Decorative plaster

This material can create a unique design. The material does not require preliminary alignment of the wall, it masks small defects.

The coating is durable and resistant to moisture and mechanical stress. It does not absorb odors and pollution and looks presentable. The only drawback of this finish is the high cost.

There are several varieties of decorative plaster.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Creates a three-dimensional pattern, that can be painted after application.


Able to imitate natural stone. Coloring occurs during the mixing process.

“Wet silk”

Forms a coating with the effect of delicate satin fabric.

“Sea breeze”

This view is beautifully cast with mother-of-pearl.


Using brick for interior decoration is an interesting solution. This way of decorating can advantageously emphasize the originality of farmhouse wall decor.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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The material may have a red-brown to white or grayish natural tint.

The advantages of the material are known to all. It is strong, durable, reliable, and resistant to any impact.

Subsequently, if desired, you can easily change the design by applying plaster to the brick. The resulting surface can be painted or wallpapered.

How to choose a color?

For small rooms, light solutions are more suitable, visually expanding the space (white, beige, pastel shades). In a spacious room, darker, more saturated colors are acceptable.

Warm tones make the room more comfortable, while cold tones create a feeling of freshness even on a hot day.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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In addition to the size of the room and personal preferences, the style of the interior should also be taken into account when choosing the color of the walls.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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What is the difference between a rustic farmhouse and a modern farmhouse? Each style has its materials and shades. Rustic styles call for soft, muted tones. Bright colors are acceptable in a modern farmhouse. White color is universal, it is always appropriate.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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The choice of prints is also specific. Stripes and small flowers are appropriate in the modern style, and monograms – are in the traditional rustic.

Modern rooms are more often decorated with photo wallpapers or another decor, preferring plain coatings. Sometimes they select wallpaper with geometric patterns and floral themes.

As for materials, the classics allow painting, finishing with stone or decorative plaster, and wallpaper. Wallpaper, wall paneling, and brick fit into rustic styles.

Interesting ideas for farmhouse kitchen wall decor

Every kitchen always has at least two areas: a dining area and a cooking area. Consider how you can choose the design of the walls in each of them.

Near the dining table

If the wall near which the table stands is free, you can decorate it with photo wallpapers. The theme is selected based on the style and color scheme of the situation. Panoramic images are recommended for small kitchens.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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A sandy beach, a terrace with a picturesque view, or a street with flowering trees stretching into the distance – there are many options.

This technique imitates the continuation of the room, visually expanding it.

Another option for visual correction of space is a mirror. The mirror can be both the whole wall and part of it.

In the cooking area

An apron can be an interesting accent or modest and neutral. In the second case, it is a plain tile or plastic. You can highlight this zone with the help of ceramic panels, mosaics, or glass aprons with photo printing.

Accent wall variants

In addition to photo wallpaper, there are other ways to effectively design an accent wall. For example, it can be a finish from a different material, ordinary wallpaper with a catchy print, or art painting.

A modern and unusual option is a painted slate board or chalk wallpaper. And you can also paint the entire wall or part of it with graphite paint. On such a surface, household members can write their plans for the day or wishes to each other, and leave funny drawings and notes.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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Use of decor elements

Additionally, the walls can be decorated with various decors. There are many variants: modular and ordinary paintings, posters, framed photographs under glass, and wall clocks.

Elegant sconces are appropriate in classic interiors. Rustic style can be emphasized by shelves with beautiful dishes and souvenirs, cutting boards, and decorative plates. Interior letters look interesting with or without illumination.

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Tips for combining different materials. Farmhouse kitchen wall decor

If the room is very small, you can use one material to decorate the walls, for example, painting or ceramic tiles.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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If the room is more spacious, it makes sense to make zoning. Finishing the working area should be as resistant to dirt, steam, and water as possible. The dining decor could be more sophisticated.

For example, you can combine a beautiful printed glass or ceramic backsplash with plain walls. Plaster, flock, and wallpaper can be used here. If you plan to highlight an accent wall, it is better to make the apron neutral so as not to overload the interior.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor
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The most difficult finishes are where the three materials are combined (no longer recommended). For example, it can be a combination of plaster, stone, and tiles for the working area.

Another example is paint, glossy plastic, and glass for an apron.

Farmhouse kitchen wall decor. Beautiful examples in the interior

Consider interesting options to create great home designs.

  • White wallpaper with blue flowers fits perfectly into the rustic aesthetic.
  • Black, white, and gray are traditional colors. Imitation brickwork goes well with plain surfaces.
  • What is farmhouse modern decor? Monochrome bright color can be diluted with delicate photo wallpapers and make a stylish view.
  • The classic elegance of the furnishings and the illusion of a luxurious sea view create a romantic mood.
  • Black and white photos and wall clocks are great decors for the rustic style. Patchwork tiles in light colors gently highlight the work area.

FAQs: Farmhouse kitchen wall decor

How do I make my kitchen farmhouse style?

To achieve a farmhouse-style kitchen, opt for rustic elements such as exposed wooden beams, vintage-inspired fixtures, and distressed finishes. Incorporating open shelves, a farmhouse sink, and shaker-style cabinets can further enhance the cozy and charming ambiance of your kitchen space.

What decor can I put on my kitchen wall?

Adorn your kitchen walls with a mix of vintage culinary utensils arranged in an artistic display, creating a charming and functional decor. Additionally, consider hanging rustic farmhouse-style signs or artwork that complements the overall theme, adding personality and warmth to the space.

How to decorate farmhouse style?

Decorate in farmhouse style by incorporating natural materials like wood and distressed finishes, choosing neutral color palettes, and using vintage-inspired decor such as mason jars, galvanized metal accents, and woven textiles. Balance rustic and refined elements to create a cozy, timeless, and inviting atmosphere that characterizes the classic farmhouse aesthetic.

How do you decorate an empty kitchen wall?

Transform an empty kitchen wall by installing floating shelves and arranging a mix of decorative plates, potted plants, and framed artwork for a dynamic and visually appealing display. Alternatively, consider a large statement piece like a vintage clock or oversized wall art to add character and style to the space.

Conclusion: Farmhouse kitchen wall decor

So, if you think about how do I make my kitchen look farmhouse, we must say that creating a stylish atmosphere in a country house is not difficult. You just need to allocate a little time and imagination to create the perfect design.

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