Effective tips on how to decorate a living dining room combo

How to combine a living and dining room and decorate the room correctly? Such a solution in the form of combining two functional zones is used quite often today. It allows you to create a comfortable living dining room combo, which will be a great place for leisure and family vacations.

When decorating an open floor plan, you can use various design solutions, thanks to which the space will become comfortable and ergonomic.

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a living dining room combo
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  • Benefits of combining spaces
  • When is the combination of dining and living room suitable?
  • Effective ways to zone
  • Interior design and ways to highlight functional areas and arrange furniture

Benefits of combining spaces

When creating a design for a living and dining room combo, you must consider the features of redevelopment.

The main idea is to make one room as bright, comfortable, and airy as possible. For a studio apartment with open floor plans, this is the only option where you can visually enlarge the compact space, making it comfortable and airy.

living dining room combo
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The benefits of this solution include:

  • increasing the convenience of the resulting spaces
  • the high functionality of the room
  • high level of natural light
  • unified and large open space
  • an ergonomic room that meets modern requirements
living dining room combo
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The convenience of a new space

For a family with a small child, the absence of a partition between the living and dining room combo increases the convenience of caring for the baby.

He always remains under supervision, even during cooking.

At the same time, comfort during cleaning also increases, and it is easier to ventilate such a room. To ensure comfort in the hot summer, it is enough to install just one air conditioner, choosing the right place for it.

living dining room combo
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Increased functionality

When deciding how to combine the living and dining room, you can use different tips. Each of them is able to perform certain functions – the creation of a dedicated dining area, a place to relax or meet with friends. The working area can be increased by freeing up spaces, making it more comfortable and safe.

Improving natural insolation

Creating a room combo increases the flow of natural sunlight into the room. It becomes lighter, and cozier in the daytime. This is especially important for apartments that face the north or east side. The presence of a balcony or loggia is also a sign of additional light.

living dining room combo
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Getting a big unified room and large dining space

By removing the partition, you can create an expanded living room. But most often the living and dining room is left open, zoning it with furniture like a sofa, dining table, low cabinet, or a bar counter.

The possibility of organizing a dining area

How can you beat the living dining room combo? There are many options, but the most successful decision would be to give the central part.

Here you can arrange furniture a large table and chairs, and install a small sideboard or cabinet for dishes nearby.

living dining room combo
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If you search for an answer to the question: is it OK to have a dining table in the living room?

The current trend is to search for practical ways in everything. If earlier it was considered a luxury to allocate an entire room for dining, today people search to save space in their living room.

So, the answer is yes. An only important thing is a suitable place for the dining table and that model of the table and other furniture in a dining room combo looks harmonious.

living dining room combo
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Correct zoning in accordance with ergonomic requirements

The room becomes comfortable and bright, but these are not all the advantages. Freeing up additional areas allows you to make the living dining room combo ergonomic, safe, and comfortable.

The working area becomes larger, you can organize the correct “triangle” connecting points such as food storage, cooking, and dining area.

living dining room combo
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When is the combination of living and dining area suitable?

When deciding how to combine the living and dining areas, you must immediately decide on the cases in which it is in demand and will be a good idea.

Typically, this method of redevelopment is in demand for one-room apartments and studios with a small space. In this case, the demolition of the partition in the middle of the arrangement of a wide opening will help increase the usable space.

living dining room combo
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In what cases will the combination of the living room and dining room be a good idea:

  • with an incorrect configuration of the room, the presence of bay windows, niches, radius walls
  • for open floor plans, including those with euro layouts
  • if it is necessary to increase the usable space and free up extra seating
  • when the original layout is wrong, the dining room is narrow and uncomfortable, the living room is elongated

Before you connect the living room and dining room, you need to take into account some restrictions:

  • any redevelopment with the demolition of walls and the consolidation of spaces requires a permit
  • a capital wall cannot be demolished

In addition to such issues, it is necessary to decide what kind of hood will be, since kitchen odors will freely penetrate into the living room. You also need to install good ventilation.

living dining room combo
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Effective ways to zone living and dining room areas

How do you separate a combined living room and a dining room, making it more comfortable?

During the redevelopment and development of the scheme, it is necessary to immediately provide for the presence of such separate spaces in the middle:

  • a working kitchen space with a worktable, a suite, a refrigerator, and other furniture for storing food, kitchen utensils
  • a dining area with established seating like a dining round table or bar counter, and chairs
  • living room area, which, in turn, can be divided into several zones – storage furniture, sofa, a working home office
living dining room combo
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Interior home design and ways to highlight functional areas

When planning the interior design of the open floor plan, the following tasks should be solved:

  • what will be the zoning methods
  • allocation of separate functional zones
  • search and arrange furniture
  • how to arrange windows in the living room and dining room, wall, floor, and ceiling

For zoning, various methods are used, including:

  • through shelving, arches, glass blocks, or false walls
  • proper use of bulky items and furniture, which include dining table, sofa table, sofa, storage system
  • the use of green “living” wall for indoor plants
  • the use of folding or sliding glass doors to separate the dining room areas
  • competent choice and installation of lighting equipment, especially pendant lights
  • area rug near the sofa

With the help of rugs, you can effectively highlight the recreation area in the living room. But do not use very small rugs – they are useless for zoning.

Pendant lights are now increasingly used in zone rooms.

But it is important to take into account the ceiling height of the living room when choosing pendant lights.

When choosing a zoning method, one should not forget about the design, furniture, and capabilities. For a combined room, it is recommended to use a single style.

living dining room combo
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Should the living room and dining room be the same color?

No, the color palette may vary slightly. Thanks to this, you can visually highlight the kitchen, dining room, and leisure space. Complex solutions are not needed, it is enough to slightly change the shades or use accent walls to distinguish and attract attention.

Design features

How can you equip a living room and dining room? You can use several solutions for this:

  • the choice of a single style with natural colors
  • the use of competent planned light for zoning rooms
  • the use of multi-level floors
  • decoration of an accent wall or gallery wall
living dining room combo
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How can I make my dining room look more expensive?

The connection of two rare rooms must be immediately determined, with which style will be chosen. Do not use different style solutions, as the space turns out to be inharmonious, and overloaded with a trash can.

It is best to choose a natural solution with a calm range. This will help to correctly combine textures and materials that are perceived and appropriate for the space.

living dining room combo
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How to create a harmonious home design for the living dining room combo?

To do this, you can use various tips, one of which is light. Properly chosen artificial light helps to zone the room and highlight two distinct spaces, increasing comfort. To do this, you can use the following options:

  • general light for soft backgrounds
  • accent lighting to highlight individual decor items or areas
  • pendant lights for the recreation area with a sofa
  • area rug to create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere
  • stylish furniture like white sofa
living dining room combo
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Shared space layout

How to plan a living dining room combo?

First, you need to draw up a plan and distribute individual functional spaces. After that, you should choose the ways in which you can create a visual separation, saving free space.

One of these methods is the arrangement of the floor of various levels. There are questions about the correct docking of coatings. Therefore, you can raise the floor level in one of the parts of the room, visually separating it from the rest of the space.

When deciding how to separate the kitchen from the living room, you must immediately decide what furniture will be used.

You also need to draw up a diagram of where to set furniture, taking into account the dimensions of the room, and functionality. To do this, you can use special programs or order the services of a professional designer.

living dining room combo
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When planning how to make a living room dining room out of two distinct rooms, it is necessary to highlight:

  • the focus of the combined premises
  • accent details around which the atmosphere will be concentrated
  • decorating to help give the spaces more style

One of the tasks is to allocate a place where the TV will be located. Usually, it is placed in the recreation area opposite the sofa or soft corner.

But a great idea is to place the TV panel in such a way that the image is clearly visible to those sitting at the dining table. In this case, chairs or a sofa should be placed in such a way as to form a corner for leisure and lunch at the same time.

living dining room combo
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How to arrange furniture in the living and dining room?

It makes sense to refuse placement along the walls.

This will make the small space not very convenient, disrupt its functionality, and will not allow you to properly select individual spaces.

It is also better to immediately refuse a large number of furniture in order to maintain the benefits achieved in the form of a free, very comfortable room.

living dining room combo
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FAQs: living dining room combo

How do you combine a dining room and living room?

Combining a dining room and living room involves creating a seamless flow between the two areas while maintaining distinct functionality. Use furniture placement to delineate zones, such as placing a sofa to separate the living area from the dining table, and consider a cohesive color palette and design style that ties both spaces together visually.

How do you arrange furniture in a living room dining combo?

When arranging furniture in a living room dining combo, focus on defining distinct areas while maintaining an open feel. Position the dining table and chairs near the kitchen or dining room entrance, and use a sofa or sectional to create a boundary between the living and dining zones. Incorporate area rugs, lighting, and decor to visually separate the spaces and create a harmonious flow between them.

Do living room and dining room have to match?

Living room and dining room spaces don’t necessarily have to match perfectly, but they should harmonize in terms of design style, color palette, and overall aesthetic to create a cohesive look. Choosing complementary colors and coordinating furniture styles can help create a seamless transition between the two spaces while still allowing for individuality in each area.

Can we place dining table in living room?

Yes, you can place a dining table in the living room, especially if you have an open floor plan or a living room with ample space. This can create a versatile and multi-functional area for dining and entertaining, but be sure to consider the layout and flow to ensure that both the dining and living functions are comfortable and visually appealing.

In conclusion: living dining room combo

The latter is much less, but in general, you need to build on your lifestyle. If a large company often gathers in it, parties are held, then this option is a great idea.

At the same time, in a small apartment with an open floor plan, combining the two spaces helps to get rid of an unnecessary wall and visually create an expanded living room.

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