How to make dorm room smell good: Best Tips

How to make dorm room smell good? Dorm rooms are small spaces where you live for most of the studying period. You eat there, do your homework, invite some quests, get sick, and do some physical exercises. No wonder, it might start getting smelly fast.

How to make dorm room smell good
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So what are the ways to make your dorm room smell good?

You can get your dorm room smelling fresh even without scented candles.

Most college dorms do not allow lighting candles due to fire hazards.

Let’s get straight to our dorm room tips on how to make your dorm smell good!

How to make dorm room smell good? Plug-in air-freshener

This is a great way to make your dorm room smell amazing.

Air fresheners are pretty inexpensive, so even a college student can afford such a purchase.

How to make dorm room smell good
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And the choice of flavors is usually very wide, so you can buy according to your taste, ranging from fruity scents to marine ones.

How to make dorm room smell good? Dryer sheets

Use dryer sheets. They can be put neatly into the fan and turned on for a while. Then the room will have this scent as if you just did laundry there.

How to make dorm room smell good
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You can also line the shoes you keep in the room, such as training shoes, with a dryer sheet, and put a couple in the closet. We’d say that this is one of the most genius ways to make your dorm room smell good.

Essential oil diffuser

A humidifier is essential for those with dry skin. Especially in college, in an atmosphere that is not familiar to your body, the skin can begin to crack and peel off.

How to make dorm room smell good
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If you also purchase essential oils and drip them a little into the humidifier, it can make your room smell nice. Although of course, this is not the most powerful way to get rid of bad odors.

Apart from it being a useful device, it can be a great décor for your dorm room matching the style of the curtains, for example.

Scented trash bags

This will greatly improve your experience of dealing with bad smells like garbage odors. These scented trash bags are like magic, they will remove the smell of anything that gets into them. They isolate the smell.

How to make dorm room smell good
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If you are a college student or going to apply, stock up on a pack of scented trash bags. With these bags, no one will know that you haven’t taken out the trash in a week.

And if you get sick and throw up, these bags even block the smell of vomit.

How to make dorm room smell good? Wax melt warmer

They are sold at Target and most other chain stores. They smell stronger than candles and oil diffusers. You put 1-2 wax cubes in a heating pad and your house will instantly smell amazing.

How to make dorm room smell good
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It is a good way to not burn candles but have the scent of ones.

Car fresheners

Take a car air freshener with your favorite scent and attach it to the grille. A good fragrance in the room will last a long time.

How to make dorm room smell good
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Febreze Fabric Spray

For things that you can’t clean regularly, like the furniture, carpets, blankets, etc., a bottle of Febreze fabric spray will help keep the bad smells away.

How to make dorm room smell good
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It is a super easy way to eliminate unpleasant smells and improve your dorm room’s smell. To make your dorm room smell good.

More dorm room tips

It’s better to agree with your roommates from the door on how you will live and keep order, what time to go to bed, how many times a month to arrange cleaning, and so on.

At the same time, find out who is who in everyday terms.

You will immediately understand how this world works away from parental care.

If you don’t remove it, no one will, and the mountain of garbage will grow rapidly.

The bed will house half the contents of the closet and desktop, and once you enter the room, you will not immediately be able to determine its location.

Do not overgrow with dirt in anticipation of a big cleaning day, weekends can be spent with much greater benefit by regularly and jointly maintaining order in the rooms.

How do I keep my college dorm smelling good?

Sometimes there is no time to completely remove odors in the apartment, and they need to be masked for a short time, for example, before the arrival of guests. Use one of these methods.

Use fragrances:

  • candles,
  • diffusers,
  • an aroma lamp with essential oils or incense.

Open the windows and hang wet towels around the room to absorb the odor.

Lay out the peel of citrus fruits – lemon, orange, etc.

Place in different corners of the room bowls or saucers with coffee beans, salt, baking soda, or activated charcoal, these are aroma absorbers.

Use special ionic deodorants for the home.

How can I make my room smell good permanently?

If a room smells bad, you may be tempted to just light a candle or spray some air freshener around.

However, this way you will only mask the smell.

It is necessary to eliminate its cause, that is, to get rid of harmful substances and carcinogens that pollute the air, and fill the space with a fresh natural aroma.

How to make dorm room smell good
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This is the surest way to keep a good smell in your dorm room permanently.

If you keep your dorm room clean and get rid of nasty smells in time, the aroma will always be fresh, and you can bring in a new smell instead of a stagnant unpleasant one. And of course, our tips above should help you with this.

FAQs: How to make dorm room smell good?

Can you have diffusers in dorm rooms?

Yes, you can. As long as it is not something you’re going to light, everything is fine. It is a great alternative to a scented candle that you are not allowed to light in your dorm room. They have a wide range of different scents, so you can get your room to smell the way you want.

How do I make my dorm room smell good on Reddit?

Most Reddit users recommend Meyers sprays and Febreze car scents. You can spray it all over the place to make your dorm room smell better. Plug-in air freshener is another popular option. You can also put a dryer sheet on a fan.

Conclusion: How to make dorm room smell good?

We fully armed you with some tips on how to make your dorm room smell good. Dorm rooms often absorb different smells, and it’s hard to keep them smelling fresh.

Things like scented trash bags, wax melt warmer, and air fresheners will help your dorm smell good. A little extra cost is not so much compared with the nightmare of living in a bad-smelling room.

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