How to mix and match dining chairs: 10 ways to combination

Have you noticed the current chair formula and dining chair set? How to mix and match dining chairs? The use of mismatched dining room chairs can come from the original source – you just stack a chair on top of the table, right?

The reality is that specifying dining room chairs isn’t as easy as it seems. You can’t go out and buy just any chair and expect it to look good because not all chairs work together. In order to correctly create this picture, you need to remember several forms. The following 8 things made this picture spectacular and fun!

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Why do we specify and combine dining room chairs?

Specifying your dining room chairs in the dining room adds an eclectic feel to the space, even if you lean towards modern or country style.

By purchasing new dining chairs, you can diversify your home decoration. You can switch seats as your mood takes you, add more seats when you’re having guests, or use multiple seating areas for movie nights.

If you want a formal appeal, you can place four main chairs around the dining table to create the look you want.

Of course, if you want to follow suit, there’s no rule that says you have to buy a set. You can always create your own chair look by buying stock chairs at flea markets and adding new chairs from retail stores. Instead of a whole bunch of notes (which your bank account might not like), this allows you to use a variety of styles in the spreadsheet.

dining chairs
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10 ways to combine dining room chairs!

1. Only replace the original seats

Since the head chairs (the chairs at the end of the table) are traditionally a little different than the side chairs, this is probably the easiest way to combine dining chairs. Original chairs often have more details like armrests, higher backs, more carvings, etc.

Replacing the original chairs with completely different chairs breaks with tradition, but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less formal. You can use almost anything for a different headrest as long as:

  • The back height is at least as high as the side seats, if not higher.
  • You should follow the seat height recommendations above.
How to mix and match dining chairs
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2. Permanent forms, variety of colors

You’ll often see this approach in restaurants that create an intentionally whimsical appeal. Choose a chair shape or style, such as bar stools or dining chairs with an open back, and play with colors.

For example, choose comfortable dining chairs in black or white imitation leather to create a visual contrast. Or maybe you are looking for a walnut and beech wood adjustable dining chair set.

If you already have a favorite dining chair model, this could be the right option for you. Choose different (but consistent) colors based on your dining room color palette, and stick to your favorite shape.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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3. Keep the color, change your seat

Color is one of the most distinctive features of a chair. So as long as you stick to one color, you can mix and match several different dining chairs styles!

Tip: If you have a random mix of chairs, remember that you can paint them the same color (or shade) to create a common denominator!

How to mix and match dining chairs
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4. Alternative end seats

The two outermost chairs at the dining table are traditionally armchairs, while the others are armless. That makes two extreme chairs perfect candidates for bringing the unexpected into the dining room.

You can use solid wood ladder chairs and chairs with padded backs. Or you can consider modern dining chairs on the sides with studded faux leather seats. Playing with edge chairs is a great opportunity to combine two sets of chairs that you’ve had your eye on for a long time.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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5. Use a consistent scale

One way to mix and match different chair styles is to make them all the same size.

The seats below not only have the same back height, they all have the same width and open backrest. These common features make them easy to mix and match.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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6. Add a bench

We’ve mentioned benches a few times, but this option is so simple it deserves more attention. Whether built into a corner or free-floating, adding a bench is one of the easiest ways to create a sense of composition and harmony without going crazy.

Try placing your dining table’s matching chairs on one side and a bench on the opposite side.

You can use matching end chairs, or you can add more variety by adding variety there.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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7. Use opposites

For a more versatile look, mix and match contrasting styles like:

  • Modern and vintage
  • heavy and light
  • Traditional and modern
  • Industrial and stylish
How to mix and match dining chairs
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8. Choose a topic

If you have a preferred design era or geographic style (e.g., Moroccan country or French country) you can use this to create consistency. The same applies to general furnishing styles such as transitional, minimalist, industrial or mid-century modern.

For example, if all of your chairs are Mid-Century Modern, consistency gives you more freedom to mix and match different shapes and colors.

Just find a theme that will add real cohesion to your dining room furniture. Classic, antique, rustic, modern, industrial, homely and contemporary are just a few examples.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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9.Matching heights

Adjusting the height of chairs and benches within an inch or two of each other adds enough cohesion to make them look together. Whether you prefer a Bohemian style or a modern style, choose chairs in any style you want, as long as the chair height fits. This ensures that everyone is at the same height when eating and avoids embarrassing differences in height.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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For those who want matching dining chairs without the high price tag, try playing with upholstery. Use your existing dining chair collection that offers the same back and leg styles. Then experiment with different colors, patterns, and materials for the seat cover.

This option also allows you to switch between holidays and special occasions. And you can reupholster old or unsightly chairs without breaking the bank.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Time to mix and match

We hope that by now you are starting to see the endless possibilities of mixed dining chairs. There is no wrong answer here, it comes down to personal style.

Maybe you like the idea of ​​contrasting colors, focusing on one material, or switching between mix dining chairs styles.

In any case, if you create your “discordant” set on purpose, you should be able to use it. Below are some fun combinations to get you started.

Simply modern

Ange’s dining chairs pair beautifully with these armless mixed dining chairs for a sleek, modern look. Both seat types offer comfort and ergonomics along with stunning chrome accents.

The combination of two simple and modern chair designs can make it easy to mix and match dining. You can mix and match mid-century and industrial styles to make a difference, or stick to a theme like contemporary or contemporary.

Eclectic couples

Pair these wicker chairs with the Townsend dining bench for a striking contrast. With black and wood tones in each piece, they combine a fun and playful look that’s sure to brighten up your eclectic dining room.

If you like weird and unusual solutions that scream “I’m OK with taking risks,” look for unlikely combinations. For example, try pairing some wingback chairs with floor-length covers with simple base chairs. Opposites attract, yes.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Luxury in everyday life

Create a casual yet luxurious look with this combination of inky blue tufted back chairs and gray upholstered arcade dining chairs. With sun-gold legs and plush upholstery, this combination would work well in a luxurious or chic contemporary dining space.

Velvet upholstered chairs or chairs with glittery gold legs add instant elegance to a dining room or any other space. This is a great opportunity to play with the right textures and materials.

Classic neutral

This combination of Breckenridge Brown and Gray Upholstered Side Chairs creates a style that’s easy to live with. The classic neutral look is a comfort zone for most dining rooms that can be mixed and matched, especially if they use the same style of chairs.

If you want to switch up your style, look for chairs that look like they should be paired together or chairs that are part of a set. You can capture the aesthetic with neutrals, heather gray and mixed wood.

Before you buy, let’s check out some real examples of mixed-pair chairs.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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European style dining room

This dining room is a little more traditional, with upholstered chairs with side chairs that have a rustic feel. In addition to adding a rustic/industrial element to the space, side chairs also help brighten the space.

A full table with dining chairs (especially around a stationary table) can feel a bit heavy or stuffy, but pairing it with lighter side chairs creates a nice balance while also providing some comfort settings. (Because we understand that not everyone wants to sit in a hard chair for hours.)

Modern curly dining room

Curbly’s dining room is a great example of how you can work within one color palette, but create excitement and visual appeal with contrasting shades and mixed materials. There are two chairs in this room that you might not have thought to put together (one is very modern, the other is vintage).

But that’s why they work together: the wood and metal make a nice contrast to the upholstered chairs at the head table because they look relatively light and tall, and the muted color palette brings everything together in a way that feels like they always belonged around the same table.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Emily Henderson Dining Chair

At last year’s Feel Good Flash makeover, Emily, and the design team put together some very functional ebony chairs. For the kids with an easy chair to inject some softness (for mom after a long day at work/parenting and maybe homework without the spaghetti sauce disaster emerging).

The light blue balances out the darker seats, and both silhouettes are visually bright and about the same height.

Emily Henderson Dining Chairs New Spring Collection

Here’s a look Emily created a few years ago to showcase Target’s spring collection, with an array of seating options that all mix together to create a wonderfully eclectic space (even with some pieces that favor the traditional).

For those who do not have the courage to use three different chairs, these other items are combined with this look: wicker chairs + slipper chairs (for a more exotic combination) or slipper chairs + bench (this is more “family” and traditional) or wicker chairs + bench (which looks funky but sophisticated).

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Is it okay to mix and match dining room chairs?

While there’s nothing wrong with a perfectly coordinated dining table and chair set, some might find it a little too formal. Mixing dining chairs can make your space more intimate, conscious and fun.

How do you mix and match table chairs?

Combine two chairs at either end of your dining table to create a symmetrical look. Just swapping two chairs at the end of a dining table is a great way to create a mismatched dining chairs look while creating a composed, symmetrical and always attractive look.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Do your dining chairs need to match?

Your table and chairs don’t have to match perfectly, although they should be similar in style or symmetry. Try to use chairs with different colors, but all shapes and styles to create an interesting look.

Can you have different coloured dining chairs?

Different match dining chairs are usually used as accent chairs at either end of the dining table, but you can take it a step further and arrange your chairs in alternating colors or assign a different color to each side. You can even add a different style of chair to the mix by substituting a dining bench for a chair.

How to mix and match dining chairs
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Mismatched dining chairs are different from traditional chairs, but when done right, they can create a really interesting and creative look. The easiest way to mix and match is to simply swap out the original seats for something else. It offers the most traditional look, even when using different chairs.

And remember that 8 ways to mix and match dining chairs are some actual examples of the combined chair combinations listed above to provide structure and guidelines for creating a beautiful look.

I say “recommendations” and not “rules” because there are always exceptions. However, mixing and matching dining room chairs is an art form, so as with any decorating project, feel free to break the “rules” whenever you want!

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