Should you buy a round pedestal dining table?



What is a pedestal table?

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A pedestal dining table, or a pillar dining table, is one that is supported by two feet and a large center column. The term is also infrequently used to describe a tall, thin dining table, whether or not they include a center column.

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To complement a choice of room designs, pedestal tables are available in a number of forms, sizes, and styles. An individual pillar table may be ordered on special order if requested, and nearly all furniture shops carry them. Some individuals also love creating their own furniture in their homes since they make ideal first-time woodworking projects.

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A lot of these pieces of furniture are pillar-style. People may place chairs and sit guests and their kids without being concerned about disputes with table legs thanks to the central support pillar. A more compact pillar table may also function well as an end table, giving you a little space to store accessories or showcase various relics and curios.

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Due to the dining table’s small footprint and lack of dining table legs, a pedestal dining table is ideal for small areas since they free up more room in your home.

What is a round pedestal table?

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The size of a circular pedestal dining table varies depending on whether it is placed next to, in front of, or behind a sofa and if it is used for dining. As opposed to the four legs of conventional dining table designs, a pedestal dining table’s center is supported by a single column or post.

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On a Mission-style circular pedestal dining table, extendable bars can be added to the center base. The center post of many of these types of furniture includes pillars or feet at the base. The pedestal dining table is believed to date from the late 18th century and the elegant look of furniture from that era, as well as some baroque mirrors, can give your home that high-class look.

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Round dining tables come in a variety of styles, from ornately carved and intricate Victorian models to simpler Mission designs. A Mission item may have a straighter or squarer center column with stretcher parts for support as opposed to a circular Colonial pillar dining table, which has a turned wood center post.

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Most other variations of a round pillar dining table do not have these rectangular stretchers or bracing brackets or an open center post instead of a closed one like Mission designs often have. Antique Victorian round pedestal furniture can be as small as chandeliers and as large as your home’s dining room table.

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Some of these kinds of circular pillar furniture contain a storage compartment in the central post or column. The design may be either open or closed. Some individuals prefer to put a basket in the storage area and fill it with things like napkins or napkin rings.

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A drop leaf is yet another option for a pedestal dining table. A semi-circular impression is produced when a drop leaf is lowered into a circular dining table, allowing you to conserve space by leaning the item of furniture up against a wall in your house.

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An ancient round pillar dining table is frequently painted white for the shabchic design trend. Round pillar dining table tops with gloss black lacquer are made by applying many coats of finish. This style of circular pedestal dining table is a great option for many contemporary home decorators because of its vibrant and dramatic appearance. Even the tabletop in some instances is mirror-topped.

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Oak, walnut, mahogany, and cherry are common wood kinds used for a round pillar side, coffee, and dining table. Some furniture retailers also sell this style of dining table unfinished so that customers may finish it themselves. The beauty of wood may be preserved against stains, dents, and scratches with the help of glass tops.

Round pedestal table: pros and cons

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What is best for the dining table, legs, or a pillar? is one of the questions we are asked the most frequently. It depends, is the response. Here we have gathered some of the key points to bear in mind when deciding if you really need a pillar dining table.


Number 1

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Due to the single-column support and typically small footprint of the support feet, one of the primary benefits of a pedestal dining table is that it takes up minimal space. As cleaners do not have to maneuver around the dining table’s legs to reach the underside, this may be quite helpful in some circumstances and makes cleaning the area surrounding the dining table much simpler.

Number 2

The design is also usually stable, with the support feet distributing the weight evenly to help prevent the dining table from tipping over.

Number 3

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Due to the lack of legs on the corners, a pillar dining table has the most benefits in terms of sitting.

Number 4

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Pillar free up the corners, allowing you to fit more seats around a dining table of the same size. A pillar dining table is an excellent option for folks who frequently entertain family and friends (and their kids) for supper because of this.

Number 4

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The base of a pedestal dining table is more opulent than the legs of a regular dining table. A pillar is the best option if you want your dining table to have a statement. A solid wood pillar dining table made by Mennonite craftsmen, or a white marble table in Greek style, is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an artistic creation standing right in your dining room.

Number 5

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Finally, there is a wide assortment of pillar bases made of solid wood. To help you get the style you want, our Mennonite builders make a broad range of bases. Are you seeking a more formal option than the Contempo dining table? The Yukon Turnbuckle dining table could be what you’re looking for if you want an industrial style. The Outback dining table comes to mind as a possible primitive option. There is a solid wood pillar that will work for any aesthetic you are going for.


Number 1

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Despite all of their benefits, owning a round pedestal table does have some drawbacks as well. The price difference between a regular dining table and a round pedestal table is the first factor. Pillars are more expensive to create since they are larger and need more time and labor. A pedestal dining table typically costs at least $600 more than a regular dining table of the same size. The price difference might be more depending on the kind of pillar and the type of wood.

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The support for a pillar dining table is located in the middle of the dining table rather than in the corners, which is its second disadvantage. A round or square dining table, as opposed to a rectangular or oval dining table, is shakier, although it still happens on both. A pillar dining table will feel less sturdy when you press down on the edge than a regular dining table will if you do the same. Each pedestal supports its top appropriately, although it won’t be as stable as a regular dining table.

Number 3

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Finally, chairs and feet may be obstructed by pillars. When choosing your dining table, take into account the pedestal’s form. Some are too far out to allow you to tuck chairs all the way in. When you are seated around the dining table, some of them can cause your friends and kids to bump your knees or obstruct your feet.

How to choose a round dining table?

Determine the dining table’s purpose

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choose a pillar’s base design to prevent kitchen dining table legs from inconveniencing diners.

Choose an appropriate design

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When looking for a pedestal table to buy, closely inspect the round dining table assembly and make sure it’s stable on its feet. A three-legged design is usually more stable. If you can, put weights on the edge of the round dining table to make sure it doesn’t stop, and check all construction joints to make sure they’re firmly sealed.

Check if the round dining table is expandable

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If the table comes with leaves that allow it to expand, attach the leaves and recheck for stability, as some designers don’t compensate for the larger size of an expanded round dining table with a wide base to distribute weight.

Check the size

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You can also think about how the table fits in with your existing dining room. Many examples of this type of furniture come in various finishes, for example, so if you like the design of a table but not the color, you can ask about darker or lighter variations.

Decide the style

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You can also find carved or painted pillars with various ornate designs, as well as very minimalist designs that fit better with a simple aesthetic. You may pick a baroque table made of white marble, or some rare wood, like mahogany.

Invite your friends and relatives

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Sure, we love shopping online, but we recommend trying out the round tables in-store. Like ours, we imagine that your relatives and kids come in many different sizes, so it’s a good idea to bring them too. They can sit down, move the chairs (or other seats) around, test the extension sections and look for signs of wear, among other things.

It’s hard to think of a piece of furniture that has more use in the home, so it’s worth taking your time.

How do you attach a round tabletop to a pedestal?

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Installation on the round dining table must always be done from below with keys. The key to stabilizing a round dining table is rocking it from side to side. When joining round or odd-shaped tops, custom clamps should always be designed. Use plywood clamps for round dining table pillars.

Hard plywood works especially well for this purpose because it is stable and does not crack, shrink, contract, or expand. Finishes off nicely and when used with glue and creates a permanent bond between two separate furniture components such as a table and pillar.

Step 1

Lay one of the 3/4-by-12-by-12-inch plywood pieces on two sawhorses. Run concentric circular patterns of glue beads around them 1 inch apart. Lay the other 3/4-by-12-by-12 piece of plywood on top of it and rout all the edges. Turn the pedestal upside down and center it on top of the two pieces.

Step 2

Trace around the pedestal and remove it from the plywood. Shoot nails with 1 1/4-inch brad randomly through the plywood, spaced 4 inches apart. Do not shoot inside the path. Wait an hour for the glue to dry.

Step 3

Drill through the pillar trace, using a 1/2-inch drill bit and a cordless drill. Insert the blade of a jigsaw through the hole and cut the trace.

Step 4

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Sand inside the cutout by hand, using a folded piece of 100-grit sandpaper. Place the pedestal in the cutout. If it is too tight, sand the cut until the pillar fits snugly.

Step 5

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Run glue beads on the face of the cutout. Lay the 3/4-by-18-by-18-inch piece of plywood centered on top. Shoot nails through it to secure it to the cutout piece. You should now have a hat-shaped piece of plywood with a pocket to receive the pedestal. Sand and round all corners and edges.

Step 6

Brush the inside of the pocket with glue, using a small paintbrush. Place the pedestal inside the pocket. Rotate the pillar upright. Shoot nails through the top piece of plywood at the top of the pillar to hold them together.

Step 7

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Turn the table upside down. Center the pedestal hat piece on the tabletop. Drive the nails through the outer edge of the hat piece to secure the pillar to the table. Set the table upright. Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry before using the table.


How to measure how many people you can sit at the round dining table?

Here we will need to make some simple mathematical calculations to determine the number of people we can sit at a table.

To fit eight people at a table, which requires roughly 70 cm of space per person for comfort, the following math would need to be done:

Pi (3.14 x 8) divided by 8 persons equals 178.34 cm, or 560 cm.

This indicates that a round dining table must have a minimum diameter of 178 cm in order to accommodate 8 people.

Round dining table legs

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The comfort of the visitors and their kids will be influenced by some things that we sometimes ignore, including the dining table’s legs and the items that will be put on them (number of objects).

Standard procedures for selecting a round dining table

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The following are typically the most typical table measurements:

We can fit roughly 5 people at a table with a 120 cm diameter.

We can fit 6 people at a table with a 140 cm diameter.

A round dining table with a diameter of 150 cm will allow us to seat an additional 7 people.

Best round dining tables

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Here we have gathered some of the best examples of pillar tables that money can buy. They come from a selection of brands, both exquisite ones, and affordable ones.

Silhouette Pedestal Marble Circular Dining Table


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A high-end retail establishment, West Elm Inc. offers modern room furniture and other items, a offers some of the best deals in the room furniture market.

Product of choice

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image 43

The first of the products that we want to add to our list is the Silhouette White marble table that can be found on the West Elm online shop. There are a lot of things to love in this design: its beautiful white marble top, metal base with a statement-making form, and ability to pick the size & finish best for your home’s kitchen or living room.

This table consists of a solid white marble top (with the white marble being covered by permeating sealer), and a metal base. Each of the white marble slabs is made individually in India, and the veining of each white marble tabletop may vary.

This table can be found on the West Elm online shop, among the “Dining & Kitchen Furniture” filters “Dining Tables” filter.

Unfortunately, however, orders from this company may be costly, as there is no free shipping for its products. Moreover, you’ll probably face some problems with availability, as all the desks are created individually. You may add it to your product cart, but you’ll have to wait for some time before you can have all the rights to add it to your home’s kitchen.

Penn Brown Oak 55″ Pedestal Base Dining Table


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Crate & Barrel Inc. is a multinational retailer of home furnishings with its main office in Northbrook, Illinois. They have franchises in many European nations and 7500 employees spread throughout 100 outlets in the United States and Canada.

Product of choice

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The Penn wood dining table, a pleasant reinterpretation of the traditional tulip table, is made for modern dining spaces by combining various materials, such as wood and cast iron. The beautiful top of the table is constructed of wood veneer with a brown tint and balances on a cast iron pedestal base with a flared pillar base that provides an industrial look. Six people can sit around this comfortable wood table.

This table can be found on the Crate & Barrel online shop, among the “Dining & Kitchen Furniture” filters under the “Dining Tables” filter. Just like West Elm, it is among the brands without free shipping. However, it isn’t made individually, like the West Elm marble pillar table, so you can just throw the table into your cart and wait for it to be shipped to your home!

Curata Bar Height Dining Table


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With a collection of chic, cutting-edge furnishings for every area in the house and headquarters in Martinsville, Virginia, Hooker Furniture is one of the most renowned companies in the world.

Product of choice

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image 49

At this stylish contemporary bar table, which is made of white wood veneers and has a deep brown midnight finish, you may unwind, rehydrate, and linger. A brushed brass metal base adds an elegant touch. The 42 12-inch height of this charming 40-inch circular table. With an eclectic blend of trendy materials and finishes from the Curata Collection, you can create a carefully designed chic modern appearance.

Italian word for “curated,” the word “Curata” combines three different rustic modern finishes with materials like black nickel, stainless brushed brass, and marble to create a straightforward yet fashionable design.

Curata bar table radiates a “less is more” vibe by highlighting the design of each piece and paying close attention to detail. The brand is inspired by classic designs and stylish materials. Throw in some mirrors, a bar counter, and some nice tall stools, and your kitchen can be transformed into an Irish pub!

This room furniture piece can be found on the Perigold online shop, among the “Dining & Kitchen Furniture” group under the “Dining Tables” filter. And, unfortunately, you cannot ship it to your home for free.


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To conclude our deep dive into the world of Pillar tables, we would want to say this: the choice is up to you.

Pillar tables can be used in a wide variety of ways: some use them to store small items, like change or wallets, and some prefer to use them to drink coffee or other beverages with their friends and family (and possibly kids).

Whatever your choice will be, we are happy to have given you all the valuable info you’ll need to choose a table that will suit you!

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