How to choose an accent chair: a perfect guide

How to choose an accent chair? The attractiveness of an accent chair is the first thing that captures the heart of any individual as they enter a room, it serves as an opportunity to showcase your style and artistic taste at the first glance of the room, allowing you to infuse your space with a unique touch of class and elegance.

But selecting the perfect accent chair can be a tricky task thanks to the numerous considerations and countless choices available, this article aims to narrow down your search and provide you with every information you need to make the perfect choice when selecting an accent chair.

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Why should I have an accent chair?

An accent chair is not just a random piece of furniture you use for extra decoration, it is a necessity and a bold statement of style and comfort, it introduces a captivating design element, becoming a centerpiece that adds depth and fascination to your room’s overall aesthetics.

An accent chair serves as a means for expressing your unique taste and individuality, and the appropriate accent chair can instantly change the atmosphere of living rooms, adding character and uniqueness to spaces that might otherwise seem dull.

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You can also get an accent chair for your dining table, accent table, or coffee table, accent chairs offer extra seating, especially for a coffee table, without committing to a sectional or sofa that is bigger.

This advantage makes accent chairs perfect for creating cozy corners, hosting visitors, and for a coffee table, dining table, or accent table.

Thanks to accent chairs, you can easily create dedicated spaces for reading, talking, and relaxing within a room.

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Factors to consider

Before choosing an accent chair without the help of an interior designer, they are important factors to consider ensuring you get the best overall performance, these factors are explained below.

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Style and preference

The accent chair you choose is an extension of your personality, a well-placed accent chair serves as a symbol of your uniqueness, and anyone who enters the room will be able to tell your aesthetic tastes by the style you choose.

Whether it’s a vintage leather sofa with timeless beauty or a vibrant modern piece with bold patterns, it is a visual representation of your personality.

An accent chair’s design defines the atmosphere of the entire room, imagine a stylish, simple chair with a neutral color palette that emphasizes simplicity and modernism, the neutral color palette and the chair’s design sets the atmosphere and tone of the room.

Select the right accent chair that creates a seamless atmosphere that envelops everyone who enters, enhancing their emotional experience.

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A carefully picked accent chair blends with the decoration of the room and doesn’t live in isolation, selecting a chair that blends well with the current furniture, color scheme, and design aspects is just as important as selecting a beautiful one.

However, it is recommended not to overuse a color in a room, instead use just the right amount and choose a style that enhances and complements the aesthetics of the space and produces a unified and well-balanced atmosphere, so it unites seemingly unrelated components, transforming them into a coherent and aesthetically beautiful combination.

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Your comfort with the design is important when choosing accent chairs, beyond the visual appeal, as additional seating, the right accent chair must feel comfortable and inviting to you. 

Your preference for a certain style often aligns with your comfort needs, to choose the right accent chair without having to consult an interior designer, consider the style, material, and seat height before purchasing.

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Generally, comfort is one of the most significant features to consider in accent chairs because the comfort of accent chairs is crucial to keeping one’s physical wellness.

The appropriate accent chairs come with ergonomic designs that improve your posture, reducing stress on your neck, shoulders, and back, the likelihood of discomfort and potential long-term health problems is decreased by a chair that supports your body in the proper locations.

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Choose a perfect chair that embraces you in comfort and elevates your daily activities like reading your favorite book or watching your favorite YouTube shorts, transforming them into moments of self-indulgence and comfort. 

It becomes the ideal partner for your cherished activities, enhancing your experience by providing the right amount of support and relaxation.

A comfortable accent chair turns into a natural spot for socializing, visitors are more likely to engage in meaningful conversation and linger for a little while if they are at ease in their chair, the comfort and visual appeal of the chair promote social interaction and provide a warm and welcome environment for guests.

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Size is another essential feature to consider when choosing an accent chair, a well-sized chair fills gaps and corners without crowding the room.

Enhancing its functionality, the accent chair should not only reflect your aesthetic preferences but also respect the flow of movement and engagement within the space.

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Zones can also be defined inside living rooms using accent chairs, an intimate reading corner can be created by positioning a larger, more solid chair in a corner, while a smaller chair may help create a conversation space.

These diverse sizes create multiple functional areas inside a single room that can accommodate various requirements and activities.

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A chair that is too large for a living room can overwhelm the space, suffocating other elements, and a chair that is too small may get lost in the arrangement.

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The size of the chair should strike a balance that complements the proportions of the living room and the existing furniture, creating a pleasing visual composition.

An accent chair’s level of comfort is strongly influenced by its size, a large chair may envelop you with luxurious warmth, while a slimmer design offers a more streamlined and contemporary appearance.

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Chair and room functionality

The foundation upon which an amazing design is built is functionality, a room’s accent chair has a specific function in addition to being a decorative item.

It’s crucial to determine the chair’s intended purpose before diving into aesthetics, will it offer visitors additional seating? Is it a comfortable reading spot? Will it act as a hub for conversations? A solid basis for selecting the ideal chair is understanding the function of the chair in the room.

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The accent chair’s purpose should perfectly complement the room’s objective, for example, a bedroom might require a comfortable chair for rest while a formal living room might need chairs that promote engaging conversations.

You should choose accent chairs that enhance the room’s functionality and meet the needs of its occupants by taking into account the room’s intended purpose.

The function of an accent chair as a comfort haven cannot be underestimated, a well-made chair can provide a break from the stresses of everyday life.

For reading or relaxing, consider a chair with smooth cushions and ergonomic support, the comfort level of the chair has a direct impact on both your emotional health and the atmosphere of the space.

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In compact living spaces, accent chairs with dual functions become invaluable, some accent chairs come with built-in storage or pull-out mechanisms, providing extra utility in tight quarters. 

A chair that offers both seating and storage can optimize the functionality of a smaller room, contributing to its tidiness and overall appeal.

The versatility of an accent chair should also be taken into account, a chair that can be moved or used in different ways provides versatility to your design.

It turns into a versatile item that can perform different tasks as required, ensuring that it stays relevant as your lifestyle evolves.

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Balance is the key to a well-composed interior, the size, and proportion of the accent chair should balance with the other furniture pieces and the room’s dimensions.

A chair that’s too large can dominate the living space, while one that’s too small might fade into insignificance, achieving the right scale ensures that the chair contributes to a balanced and visually appealing composition, which is another reason balance is important when picking the right accent chair.

The right accent chair complements the design of the room, gives it cohesiveness and turns it into a well-designed masterpiece.

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Regardless of whether your space has a modern, simple design or a traditional, luxurious feel, the chair should share the same design language.

Accent chairs should facilitate the room’s flow of movement, their positioning should facilitate easy changes between various spaces and functions.

Simple navigation is made possible by a perfect accent chair if it blends into your living space rather than blocking or creating barriers.

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Types of chairs you can go for

  • Armchairs: Armchairs are the definition of classic style. They provide comfort and support with armrests on both sides, making them perfect for conversation and relaxation. Armchairs come in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, and can be upholstered in various materials to match varied styles.
  • Club chairs: A club chair conveys an impression of sophisticated ease and is all about comfort and enjoyment, with a low back, deep seat, and luxurious leather, club chairs give any space gains a touch of vintage allure because of the elegant style of the club chair.Club chairs have been popular in clubs since the 19th century. The beauty and class a club chair provides had made club chairs perfect for any living space, in addition to spicing up the interior design and providing extra seating, a club chair can make the best accent chair.
  • Occasional chairs: An occasional chair can change its function according to the situation, it can be used as an accent piece, reading nook partner, or an extra chair for gatherings, the chance to add uniqueness to the area can be found in an occasional chair, which is frequently distinguished by distinctive designs and imaginative textiles.
  • Slipper chair: A slipper chair is usually armless and lower to the ground, which makes it a perfect addition to your living room, the slipper chair was first intended to be in bedrooms but they are ideal for tiny areas or as supplementary items in bigger rooms due to their compact size and streamlined contour.The simplicity, and beauty of the slipper chair has made several people fans and has made them get slipper chairs for themselves, some of the best slipper chairs include the Sand and Stable slipper chairs, Crossway folding wingback chairs and the Vonanda folding slipper chair.
  • Barrel chair: Like a club chairaBarrel chair is also distinguished by its distinctive design, which features a curved backrest that wraps the occupant in luxurious comfort, a barrel chair is perfect for establishing private conversation areas because of its appealing appearance which provides a sense of enclosure and isolation.


How do I choose the right size accent chair?

To choose the perfect chair for your space, consider your personal preferences, your taste, and most importantly, the function the chair will serve

How do you choose an accent chair color?

To select the best chair color, consider all the colors of the wall and furniture in the space you intend to put it and select the one you feel best suits the space.

How do you coordinate an accent chair with a couch?

After ensuring that both the accent chair and couch align with the style of the space, position the two of them in a way that they fit properly and jointly bring out the beauty in the room.

Should accent chairs be same color as sofa?

Whether your sofa and accent chair will be the same color completely depends on you, different colors can be chosen but ensure the colors do not contradict each other.


Choosing the perfect accent chair will significantly improve the overall appearance of the room, using this article as a guide, explore countless amazing options and choose a perfect accent chair that best suits your personality and personal taste.

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