How to style a dining room table: the most creative methods

How to style a dining room table? As you know, every person tries to decorate the home to the maximum so that it looks stylish and elegant. However, as practice shows, many overlook the dining table. A dining table is an important place in the kitchen. More about how to style your dining room table you can find in this article.

How to style a dining room table
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How to style a dining room table: Dining table decor options

If you wonder, how to style your dining table. After all, the opinion that the guests have depends on this. There are several decor options for the dining table that stands in the dining room. More about them, you can find below.

How to style a dining room table
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How to style a dining room table with flowers, vegetation, and fruits

Quite often, the question arises, how do I make my dining table beautiful? For this room to be filled with life a little, it is recommended to install vases with flowers or ordinary green plants on the countertop.

A fruit basket looks no less stylish on the table.

As you know, fruits and plants change with each season. This allows you to create new unique compositions every time that pleases not only the household but also the guests. At the same time, each time, the tones of the room and decor are revealed in different ways.

Today, modern interiors involve the use of a large number of plants. Therefore, if you install them on a dining table, the interior turns out to be holistic and harmonious.

When choosing a container for flowers and fruits, you should focus on the parameters of a dining table. If it is a wooden dining table, the container must be made of concrete.

Many people wonder what should you put on a dining table? Artificial plants look good on the table. They do not require special care; however, some house owners prefer natural flowers.


There are several options for compositions:

  • a bouquet of garden roses;
  • container with spicy herbs;
  • a mixture of ears and wildflowers;
  • sakura branches, which are perfect for Japanese style.
How to style a dining room table
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Various containers

Containers made of ceramics, metal, glass, wood, or resin look beautiful on a dining table. If necessary, they can be combined to create a unique design. A combination of three ceramic containers that differ in size and shape look beautiful.

Containers made of glass or resin to style your dining table look quite elegant. Try to use an odd number as there are many different placement options. To further decorate the table, place various seasonal plants in the containers.

It is recommended to style your dining table with containers of the same material. However, they must differ in shape and height. Only in this way can you achieve a coherent design on your dining table that attracts attention.

How to style a dining room table
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The tablecloth on your dining space

Quite often, the question arises, how can I decorate my dining table when it’s not in use? Many house owners prefer to use a tablecloth. Some may think that this version of the style is already outdated. However, it is very relevant today.

It is allowed to use both everyday and festive tablecloths. They fill the room with home comfort. If you prefer everyday options, they can be for dining or decor. The last option is appropriate if you want to emphasize the style of the room.

Festive tablecloths can be used from expensive natural materials, or mixed. The latter option is more resistant to wear. There are different types of tablecloths on the market. Some completely cover the table, while others only partially.

On market, you can find small fabric tracks called runners for your dining table.

It is also appropriate to combine several fabrics that are different in texture and stack them in several layers.

A common question is, how do I arrange my dining table? You can use special fabric napkins, which can be not only functional but also decorative.

How to style a dining room table
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How to style your dining table with candles?

The most versatile option for decoration is candles. They look beautiful on both everyday and holiday tables. They can be placed on a beautiful tray, or supplemented with original candlesticks.

Lighted candles soothe and fascinate. Beautiful vases, woodcuts, fruit peels, glasses, or coconut shells can be used as candlesticks. Ribbons, coffee beans, berries, and fruits help to complement the composition. It all depends on your imagination.

How to style a dining room table
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Spice containers

As you know, spices (salt and pepper) are always on a dining table. They can be poured into beautiful containers that further stylize a table. You can sprinkle salt and pepper on seashells. Guests appreciate such an original idea.

How to style a dining room table
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Central part

In the center of the table, you can put several items that differ in identical themes. It can be various containers or figurines. To complement, apply flowers, berries, and vegetables. The main thing is not to place objects in a line.

If a table is a glass, refrain from using a tablecloth. Decorate it in the center with glass vases or original candlesticks. Fabric napkins, which are an excellent alternative to tablecloths, also look beautiful.

How to style a dining room table
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How to style a dining room table: New life for an old table

To make the kitchen look exclusive, you can choose a more radical path, especially if the household has an old but solid wooden table. Restoration saves the furniture from being sent to the dacha and helps the owners to show their imagination.

For those who are interested in the idea of ​​updating and wondering how to decorate a table in the best possible way, it is nice to know that there are several different, but equally effective methods.

How to style a dining room table
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Decoupage for your dining space

Decoupage is useful if you have a dining space with enough place for creation and want to decorate it in a rustic (Provence, country) or vintage style of Victorian romance (shabby chic). The technique involves fixing the application on a suitable surface.

Varieties of decoupage for your dining space

There are several varieties of decoupage for your space, the simplest impresses with its budget and ease of execution, and includes the following steps:

  1. The surface of the table is cleaned and leveled with sandpaper to perfect smoothness.
  2. An acrylic-based primer is applied to the prepared countertop.
  3. After the soil has dried out, images are prepared: paper napkins with a suitable pattern, dry leaves, photographs, lace, wallpaper, or special decoupage cards.
  4. The blanks are smeared from the inside with PVA glue and laid out on the countertop. If you have wrinkles and swelling, they are removed by smoothing the surface with a sponge.
  5. After drying in several layers, transparent varnish is applied (for example, a yacht).
How to style a dining room table
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Craquelures are cracks in the lacquer or paint layer in old paintings, caskets, or cars. Making the kitchen table using the craquelure technique allows you to achieve the effect of antiquity. Such “antique” furniture looks good in a variety of interior styles, including eclecticism.

Different phases of craquelure

Single-phase (one-step) craquelure is considered simple to manufacture. It looks like a cracked layer through which the color of the substrate shows.

This decor is suitable for plain surfaces.

To get this effect, the color of the base is applied to the countertop; shades of metal (silver, bronze) look beautiful. When the paint dries, you need to apply the craquelure varnish on top, and, after 40 minutes, apply the second coat of paint.

Two-phase craquelure forms a grid of cracks. It does not hide the base layer, so it is suitable for finishing images, painting, or decoupage. The lacquer layer is applied in two steps, and the mixtures have a different composition: after the shellac lacquer, a layer of craquelure is applied on top.

How to style a dining room table
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Painting on your dining table

You can choose the traditional painting when you need to quickly update a table. First of all, the color scheme determines them. In modern kitchens, a white countertop looks organic, sometimes you can choose the color in contrast, black or brown.

To make a table become the center of the interior, it is painted with bright paint: yellow, turquoise, and red. Similar color experiments look good in fusion style.

Restoration begins with surface preparation. The old coating is removed with coarse and fine-grained sandpaper. If there is a belt sander, the work speeds up. After grinding, chips and the slightest cracks are sealed with putty. When the “patches” dry out, you need to polish the countertop again.

If you want to preserve the natural texture of wood, you need to cover a table with stain, and then varnished or apply a layer of wax. To prepare the surface for painting, it is degreased and primed in one or two layers.

A primer is a mandatory step, without which the paint lies unevenly, and in the future, it quickly loses its appearance. After the primer dries, the countertop is sanded again to smooth out the bumps.

Since you wipe and wash a table frequently, quality paint is essential. A water-based alkyd enamel or an aerosol for metal is suitable. Acrylic-based enamel paint is more environmentally friendly. The decor of the table turns out to be more interesting if you use an ornament, a cardboard stencil or masking tape is useful for this.

How to style a dining room table
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Art painting

When there is time and desire, you can paint a table “in manual mode”. The method should not be abandoned, even if you have not taken a brush in your hands since school. In this case, stencils or contours are transferred to a table with the help of tracing paper helps.

The method is good because it provides a creative approach to design, and a truly original piece of furniture appears in the kitchen. Drawings are most conveniently applied with a brush and acrylic paints. Slightly careless hand-painted art decorates the interior in country style, Provence, and ethnicity.

Before giving free rein to fantasy, a table is prepared: they grind and apply a primer. After the drawings have dried, the surface is protected with one or two layers of varnish.

How to style a dining room table
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Ceramic tile

If the house has a supply of ceramic tiles of a suitable color, they can be put on the countertop decor. The method is suitable for finishing a table not only in the kitchen but also on the terrace, or in the gazebo. There are no technical differences compared to laying on the floor or walls.

It is convenient to use liquid nails as an adhesive, but if there is a special tile adhesive, you can also dilute it. To work, you need spacers, crosses, as well as grout, preferably epoxy.

The ornament is thought out in advance. To add attractiveness, use combinations of plain and patterned tiles, and the edge is trimmed with a border. The theme can be a geometric or floral ornament, decorative panels, or patchwork.

When you want something unusual, you should go to hardware stores and salons. Periodically, they arrange promotions of past collections and leftovers. At a reasonable price, you can buy original tiles from leading Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian brands.

How to style a dining room table
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Mosaic for your dining room

Any mosaic panel updates the old kitchen furniture and at the same time refreshes the interior. Mosaic decor for the table is made from different types of mosaics: ceramic, stone, smalt, and glass.

How to style a dining room table
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Suitable wooden, acrylic, or metal, 1.5-2.5 cm in size. The shape of individual fragments is most often square, but there is a mosaic of round, rectangular, triangular, and arbitrary shapes.

Fans of original solutions can use colored pebbles, broken ceramic tiles, CDs, and round-cut branches. The main difficulty is deciding on the pattern, and calculating the shape, size, and required number of mosaic elements for it.

Before starting work, it is useful to lay out the prepared pieces in the intended order on a flat surface to check the correctness of the idea.

The decorating technology is similar to working with ceramic tiles.

How to style a dining room table
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FAQs: How to style a dining room table

How can I make my dining table attractive?

To make your dining table attractive, consider these tips:
1. Start with a stylish tablecloth or placemats that complement your dining room’s decor and color scheme. Then, add coordinating dishes, flatware, and glassware for an elegant and cohesive look. Incorporate fresh flowers or decorative centerpieces as a finishing touch to create a visually appealing and inviting dining space.

How do you style an empty dining table?

To style an empty dining table, begin by choosing a focal point or centerpiece. This could be a vase of fresh flowers, a decorative bowl, or a unique piece of artwork. Surround this focal point with carefully chosen tableware, like placemats, charger plates, and dinnerware, and consider adding candlesticks or small decorative items to complete the look. The key is to strike a balance between function and aesthetics, creating an inviting and visually appealing table setting.

How do you dress a dining room table when not in use?

When a dining room table is not in use, you can dress it to enhance the room’s overall decor. Consider placing a table runner or a decorative tablecloth on it to add color and texture. Additionally, you can use decorative items like a bowl of fruit, a vase of faux flowers, or a stylish centerpiece to create an attractive focal point while keeping the table functional for other uses.

How do I arrange my dining table?

Arranging your dining table can vary depending on your personal style and the occasion, but here’s a general guideline:
Start with a well-pressed tablecloth or placemats as a base, then place charger plates or placemats at each setting. Set the table with dinner plates, forks, knives, and spoons, working from the outside in, with the fork on the left, knife and spoon on the right, and glasses at the top right. Finally, add a centerpiece or decorative elements, like candles or a vase of flowers, to complete the arrangement and create an inviting dining atmosphere.

Conclusion: How to style a dining room table

As you can see, there are many options for the style of the dining space. The choice depends on your capabilities, wishes, and skills. It is important to focus on seasonality, as well as the theme of the upcoming celebration.

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