Rustic kitchen cabinets: all the right ways to make the room elegant and ornate

The rustic style is distinguished not only by rough wood with an unpainted surface. These are all elements and textures that help a person get closer to nature. More about rustic kitchen cabinets you can read in this article.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Rustic kitchen design. Rustic kitchen cabinets

Before getting into the features of rustic kitchen cabinets, you should study the style and rustic charm itself. You should probably start with a name that speaks for itself. Rustic – comes from “rustique” (in French), translated as rural or rustic, rough and simple.

When buying a rustic farmhouse, the new owners usually do not want to give up some elements of antiquity such as natural wood furniture, pine facades, massive window frames and doors, stone or plank walls, as well as beams hanging over the ceiling.

Leaving all or part of the interior of the room, the owners complemented the decor with modern household appliances.

Thus, a new rustic vibe appeared in the design.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Spanish rustic with integrated cabinets

The traditional Spanish version of the rustic kitchen is a brick or stone masonry suite, rather than wooden cabinets. The masonry can be complemented by a ceramic worktop or painted wooden doors.

Luxury chalet with marble top

A stunning option with marble countertops and natural wood kitchen cabinets. Such a solution is distinguished by a pleasant atmosphere and rustic aesthetic.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Italian Tuscan style for an apartment

A new interpretation of the Italian Tuscan style with rustic elements is what you need for an ordinary city apartment in a new building. Here, the wood of the facades is organically combined with interior doors, chocolate marble, and dark parquet.

A drop of rustic in minimalism

This mid-century modern kitchen looks stunning with minimalist cabinetry. Such a kitchen is easy to find in a Stockholm apartment. An important point is that the color of the facades is matched the color of the floor, which is typical for pro-rustic/rustic interiors.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Modern rustic in a wooden house. Rustic kitchen cabinets

An unusual option, which is partly reminiscent of loft-style projects and partly Mediterranean kitchens, is dark charcoal set with an island and a breakfast bar.

European country in a house

Here, the country atmosphere and the rustic-style house echo each other, creating the familiar comfort of a country cottage for all of us. This is a great solution for those who prefer notes of nature in the interior of the kitchen.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Mediterranean rustic

Mediterranean rustic is massive wood furniture, multicolored mosaics, and crockery of various sizes, which has a handmade effect. Such solutions help create an atmosphere of a family nest, especially if a large family lives in the house.

Turkish rustic

A great example from Turkey is the Asian rustic kitchen cabinet, which is both Spanish and Thai in design. There is a blurred line between East and West, it offers us an extended (more than 7 meters long) kitchen set format, convenient for families in many Muslim countries!

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Modern rustic: stone combined with wood

An unusual option using two-tone wood and stone-colored mosaics.

It looks very interesting and is suitable not only for the house but also for a standard apartment.

The combination of stone and wood has always looked advantageous.

Greek rustic. Rustic kitchen cabinets

Greek rustic with a muted gray palette of furniture and black granite looks perfect in any modern home. The effect of expanded space is created because pastel colors are used.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Tropical rustic

A perfect example of tropical rustic with Asian roots is modern stone-effect porcelain stoneware found on floors and walls. The furniture is made of solid wood, as well as numerous windows and ceilings and wood.

Original Italian rustic

The original version of the rustic kitchen is distinguished by the fact that it attractively imitates a hood for a fireplace portal. There is an island, on which there is an additional stove.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Ranch-style kitchen

This option combines light-colored furniture, as well as a dark wood dining room. This option is most commonly found in kitchen spaces in the US.

Rustic wood kitchen with textured cabinets. Rustic kitchen cabinets

If you want the kitchen to become more rustic, it is recommended to age the furniture a little. Particular attention should be paid to kitchen cabinets. Natural wood is quite good and quickly ages.

Try to combine the island with kitchen cabinets to create the effect of smooth and continuous lines. Natural wood with an unusual texture looks beautiful on the ceiling.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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The white rustic kitchen cabinet

Rustic kitchens are perfectly complemented by bricks. This material is durable and long-lasting. However, the brick can visually make the room heavier.

To compensate for this effect, it is appropriate to add white kitchen cabinets. This brightens up the space. Aged white cabinets go well with rough brickwork.

Modern wooden drawers for wardrobes. Rustic kitchen cabinets

It is not necessary to design a rustic kitchen in old-fashioned variations. It is appropriate to add a bit of modernity using cabinets.

The lower cabinets can be difficult to access. You have to bend over and spend a lot of time looking for the right dishes.

If you install special boxes, access to things is much easier. Especially if the kitchen has open shelves. After all, they can fit a lot more.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Country kitchen in blue

Quite often, bright accents are presented in the form of tiles, but cabinets remain neutral. However, you can always paint the cabinets yourself. A blue apron also looks beautiful.

Wood kitchen with open shelving

Some may find the rustic decor to be quite heavy. Especially if you use dark wood. To make the space seem lighter, open shelving should be installed.

It is appropriate to combine brick and dark wood. But the racks fill the space with airiness. They can store decor in the form of antique items.

Country tree

Many people ask, how can I make my kitchen cabinets look rustic? It is better to use one material, however, in different elements of the room. Many people think that the style looks cluttered. However, it is not.

The painted cabinets look beautiful with wooden flooring and a breakfast bar.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Purity and freshness

Cabinets in a sage shade look beautiful. Metal handles can be made on the drawers to make the design more attractive. You can complement the interior with fresh greens and checkered textiles.

Beautiful modern wall cabinets and stone backsplash

The imitation of rustic wood on the wall cabinets looks too simple. However, black metal boxes help to give modernity.

A sink with an apron looks beautiful, which fills the kitchen with a farm atmosphere.

It is better to make an apron from black granite.

Wooden cabinets with built-in appliances

A double oven, which is built into the cabinet, looks beautiful in the kitchen. If you plan the placement of appliances correctly, the room looks more practical and functional.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Wardrobe with glass doors

There is often less storage space in the upper cabinets. To compensate, cabinets with glass doors can be added to improve visibility. At the same time, the effect of airiness is preserved.

Industrial kitchen rustic

To fill the room with smoothness and freshness, you can combine wooden cabinets with a tin cap, as well as a metal apron. Such a combination looks fresh and modern.

Interesting rustic design ideas

If the kitchen has a niche, you can make additional storage space. You can put glass doors in front so that beautiful dishes can be seen beautifully.

For a relaxed atmosphere, coloring is carried out with chalk-faded paint.

Scandinavian cuisine rustic

Many people like rustic kitchens because they are spacious. However, a similar effect can be achieved even in a small kitchen. On open shelves, you can put vintage items, as well as mount the sink in an apron.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Opening blue-gray floor plan

To make the interior rustic look more interesting, it is appropriate to make an open layout using natural elements. Smooth lines look beautiful on rustic cabinets. To give furniture brightness, you can use wood stains. To complement the style, industrial-style chairs are used.

Lighting the cooking area with bright colors

In the place where the stove stands, you can decorate the wall in a lemon shade.

The flooring can be decorated in burgundy, which goes well with cold tones. Rustic cabinets are appropriate to perform in gray-blue tones.

Combination of an old and new cupboard in the rustic kitchens

A kitchen can be made by combining new and old parts.

A rustic kitchen cabinet is best used modern, but a kitchen island, an element made of natural recycled wood is suitable. This fills the space with an original atmosphere.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Island storage baskets in the rustic style

If the lower part of the kitchen island does not have cabinets, wicker baskets can be used to store kitchen utensils. This gives the modern rustic look a bit of sweet simplicity.

Upper rustic cabinets with lighting

Tall cabinets can make a kitchen look old-fashioned. However, there is a solution to the problem.

The upper cabinets need to be decorated with glass doors and make interior lighting.

This allows you to quickly and easily search for the right things, while everything looks light and stylish.

Are distressed kitchen cabinets outdated?

Recently, such cabinet styles are in demand. However, designers are convinced that they are no longer fashionable. If you’re planning to replace or remodel cabinets, look for options with contemporary finishes. It can be a solid color or natural rustic wood in a pure shade.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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Color palette

Many people wonder, what are the rustic colors for the kitchen? The kitchens should be dominated by woody tones. Spacious kitchens can be decorated in any color palette of this spectrum; however, it is better to decorate small rooms with light materials.

Dominant colors in rustic style:

  • light and dark wood;
  • ocher;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • white;
  • beige.

Rustic kitchen decor

So, what is a rustic-style kitchen? The main finishing natural materials for a rustic kitchen are rough unfinished wood or wood with the most basic finish.

The shade of the tree can be very different, in addition, you can use both boards and whole bars.

The most popular types of rustic wood for kitchen cabinets:

  • pine;
  • Cherry;
  • oak;
  • walnut.

Metal is used as an additional finishing material. The rustic style is characterized by the use of forged chandeliers, candlesticks, lamps, and metal fittings.

It is important to avoid aluminum and chrome structures in the rustic design. Bronze, brass, and cast iron are best suited for the interior in this direction.

Rustic kitchen cabinets
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FAQs: Rustic kitchen cabinets

How do I make my kitchen cabinets look rustic?

To give your kitchen cabinets a rustic look, consider techniques like distressing or sanding the edges to create a worn appearance. Apply a stain or paint in earthy tones, and consider adding hardware with a vintage or antique finish to enhance the rustic aesthetic.

What color cabinets are rustic?

Rustic kitchen cabinets often feature earthy and warm colors that evoke a cozy, natural feel. Colors like deep browns, rich reds, muted greens, and warm grays are commonly used for achieving a rustic look in kitchen cabinetry.

What is rustic kitchen design?

Rustic kitchen design is a style that embraces natural and rugged elements to create a warm, inviting, and nostalgic atmosphere. It typically features raw or distressed materials, earthy colors, vintage or antique accents, and a focus on showcasing the beauty of natural wood and textures, all contributing to a charming and cozy space reminiscent of a countryside cottage.

What are the benefits of rustic kitchens?

Rustic kitchens offer a range of benefits, including a cozy and inviting ambiance that fosters a sense of comfort and nostalgia. The use of natural materials and warm colors creates a welcoming atmosphere, while the incorporation of vintage or distressed elements adds character and a unique charm to the space.

Results: Rustic kitchen cabinets

As you can see, decorating a rustic kitchen is pretty easy. The base is an aged wood, as well as pastel colors. However, first, you need to understand if you want to make such a room like the farmhouse kitchens, given that rustic is going out of fashion.

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