How to decorate dining room shelves: useful tips for home warmth and style

So, how to decorate dining room shelves? Cute shelves in the dining room emphasize perfectly rustic designs, such as Provence, and Country. Such niches are designed to store various accessories, including products: cereals, grains, and dry drinks. Devices are securely fastened to the wall using special brackets or dowel screws.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Dining room shelves: design features

If a design with open shelves is considered in the dining room, then before proceeding, it is necessary to take into account some features:

  1. How do I make my shelves look nice? Try to make shelves with imitation of antiquity. So, you need to paint them in shades that are combined: gray and ashy, brown and coffee. Try to make options that are as close as possible to the color of natural dark wood.
  2. Such furniture can be a sideboard, which is hung on fasteners or hooks screwed into the wall. Varieties of niches that are connected thanks to forged elements or patterned metal plates also look spectacular.
  3. Multi-tiered and stair styles are in demand. That is, open niches decreases in size closer to the ceiling. It is allowed to use models in the dining room that have additional small shelves on the sides.
  4. Be sure to have in the dining area the wall shelving, which can be made of wood or metal. On such items of the headset, glassware options are usually stored: saucers, glasses, wine glasses, and mugs.

Care to use dining room shelves to ensure that all utensils have an attractive appearance. Often you have to buy several identical sets to effectively fill niches.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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How to replace cupboards with cute dining room shelves in the house. How to decorate dining room shelves

You need to find a good alternative when trying to diversify the design and get rid of closed cabinets with an annoying facade in your dining space.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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This is precisely the shelves with open sidewalls and the absence of doors.

For example, when using a previously hinged set with fixed doors, it is necessary to select models of visible niches of the same size.

This helps hide the uncomfortable emptiness on the wall.

Dish racks look good on the walls and win-win when hung chaotically. These modern and styling shelves are convenient only if the shelving is made separately.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Half-closed and half-open shelves

What do you put on a shelf in a dining room? Half-closed and half-open shelves on the walls in the dining room are suitable not only for placing dishes but also for storing various seasonings, salt, and sugar,decor styles .

If it is supposed to store cereals in them, then it must be taken into account that the bottom is massive enough, and the rack itself is securely held on the wall.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Console shelves

Many choose console dining room shelves. These are modern shelves that are fastened with side-closed cabinets.

Such shelving is very convenient and suitable for storing small things, and jars, and as a place to set decor.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Corner shelves

Corner shelving in the dining room is often placed on both sides of the working area at the same height where the closed headset was previously.

They can also serve as a spectacular addition to existing hanging structures.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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What material can the shelves be installed from? How to decorate dining room shelves

When determining which raw materials to choose for the shelving in the dining room, it is necessary to take into account the strength of the wall and the purpose of the shelves.

Actual on different types of dining area, any type of hanging racks look if they are chosen correctly.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Plastic furniture in the dining room

Such shelving often has an extraordinary design, while being strong. They can be single or multi-level.

It is customary to install oversized household appliances in such niches: as sandwich grills, toasters, microwaves, and blenders.

Glass furniture in the dining room

In addition to the working surface of tempered glass, there are protective tubes on these that prevent the dishes from falling.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Usually, glass shelving has a metal frame. Here you can place beautiful vases, glasses, and family photos.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Wooden furniture in the dining room

Such ideas are considered to be universal, as creative shelving is durable and perfectly holds not only decor but also various options for utensils in the dining room.

The color of the shelves can be combined with the color of the wooden dining table or floor in the entire room.

Such shelving does not require special installation, it can be made independently, having at hand a suitable thickness of the board.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Metal furniture in the dining room

Such models are quite unusual.

When choosing these options for kitchens or dining rooms, it is necessary to select those that are not susceptible to corrosion.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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The material must be protected from rust.

Focusing on one or another material on the furniture, it is also necessary to take into account whether they are combined with other items in the dining room.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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How to arrange style shelves in the house. How to decorate dining room shelves

How do you decorate a set of shelves?

Even though the shelves can be used interspersed with a wall set or separately, they should all be designed by stylistic decisions.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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To do this, use a few professional tips:

  1. Before proceeding with the direct decoration, it is necessary to completely clean the shelving of various objects (in cases where the furniture has already been in operation).
  2. Use the decoration from the pantry. If you still have bottles with beautiful labels, they fit perfectly into the interior if you put them on a rack. You can also use beautiful cases, and boxes of tea, or coffee here.
  3. Make shelving accessible and convenient. To do this, place cups or plates that you use constantly on the lowest rack. If they do not take up much space, the opposite side of the rack can be filled with cookbooks with a designer cover.
  4. What do you put on shelf aesthetics? If the rack is hanging on the wall, then groups of objects of various purposes can be placed on them. For example, jars with cereals on one side, seasonings a little further, and move the dishes to the lower tier and put them in a row.

For such shelving in the house, you can add decor and plants.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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For what style of dining room interior can you use the open shelves? How to decorate dining room shelves

As a rule, open shelving in the house can be appropriate for any stylistic decision.

Provencal style in the dining space

When using such a solution in your dining space, it is the open shelving that is the direct focus of attention.

Usually, massive closed cabinets on the walls are not welcome in Provence.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Open shelving is in perfect harmony with the niches built into the white walls or lined with white brick.

Such shelving can be complemented by beautiful translucent curtains with side ruffles on the drawstrings.

Usually, they repeat the shape of the rack frame. A very interesting interior approach is to hide only part of the shelving.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Modern space in the dining room

The modern room does not tolerate clutter, so there should not be a lot of decors on open shelving.

Fastening or addition to such shelving is usually made of metal structures with different ornaments.

For such space, it is also necessary to choose the right shade. Black, brown, gray, beige, and other discreet tones fit in most organically.

If light curtains hang near the dining table and there are pastel textiles, then it is better to choose furniture in close colors.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Scandinavian style in the dining space

The open shelving used in the Scandinavian style is varied in its way.

They require a minimum of decor and a maximum of functionality.

As for the color, the one that prevails in the interior of the room is selected.

This direction is characterized by natural materials: accordingly, wooden or metal structures fit into the room interior as much as possible.

How to decorate dining room shelves
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Designers are advised to practice the harmony of open and closed shelving in the dining space. It is stylish, attractive, and functional at the same time.

Regardless of the stylistic decision, racks with an open facade and various additions fit perfectly into it.

It is important to remember that such designs on the white walls are excellent dust collectors and grease accumulators.

Accordingly, this design option in the room is very demanding in care.

How to decorate dining room shelves. Advantages and disadvantages of racks

Such interior solutions have several pros and cons.

  • give zest to the room;
  • create a visual expansion of space;
  • add the functionality of the space;
  • have convenience and practicality for the space;
  • are easy to install.
  • the danger of collapse from the wall (but only with poor-quality fastening);
  • the complexity of care (too often you have to wash all the dishes and wipe the racks);
  • requires the use of only beautiful dishes.


Open racks for the dining space in the house are mobile and easy to transport.

They can always be moved to any convenient place.

For this purpose, the main thing is to have the appropriate installation skill.

A few tips for choosing kitchen racks

A wide range of models often makes it difficult to find the right rack for a particular occasion. When choosing these products, you should focus on several important points.

First of all, it is worth deciding on the purpose of the dining space. It can be functional or decorative. Many models combine both.

If the function is to store dishes, then it is necessary to take into account in advance what load is placed on the structure.

The most reliable models are made of stone and metal.

Wooden products are also a good option, but they require reliable fastening.

Chipboard and fiberboard ones are not very durable for dining space in the house.

Especially in the case when they are long, so it is not recommended to use them to store bulky items.

The rack can be placed directly on the dining table. This option is very convenient for storing pepper and salt shakers.

The rack on the table must be made of the same material as the main piece of furniture.

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How to decorate dining room shelves
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The dimensions should correspond to the items that will be placed on it in the future. Interesting racks on the wall are made of tempered glass.

Transparent designs on the wall make the dining space light. Before purchasing a rack, it is also important to determine the number of tiers.

The simplest models are single-tier and are made from one board, which is fixed to the wall on metal hinges. Multi-story structures go well with wall cupboards.

Note! Multi-story structures are best suited for storing small items in the dining space. Larger kitchen utensils are recommended to be placed on single-tier racks.

FAQs: How to decorate dining room shelves

How do you decorate shelves nicely?

To decorate shelves nicely, start by selecting a cohesive color palette and theme that complements the room’s decor. Mix and match decorative objects such as framed photos, potted plants, vases, and decorative books in varying heights and textures to add visual interest. Leave some open space to avoid overcrowding and allow the items to breathe, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display.

How do you arrange decorative items on shelves?

When arranging decorative items on shelves, follow the principles of balance and visual harmony. Begin by placing larger or taller items at the ends or center of the shelves as anchor points, then fill in with smaller items to maintain equilibrium. Vary the heights, textures, and colors of the items to create a dynamic and engaging arrangement that draws the eye and reflects your personal style.

What should I decorate my shelves with?

You can decorate your shelves with a mix of items that reflect your interests and style. Consider incorporating a combination of decorative books, framed photos or artwork, potted plants, vases, sculptures, decorative bowls, and unique collectibles to add visual diversity and personality to your shelves.

How do you decorate open shelves in a room?

To decorate open shelves in a room, start by selecting a consistent color scheme or theme that complements the room’s overall decor. Arrange a mix of decorative items such as books, framed art, plants, baskets, and curated collectibles in a balanced manner, making sure to vary heights and textures for visual interest.

Conclusion: How to decorate dining room shelves

A dining space with open racks is an unusual setting with beautiful and thoughtful stylistic solutions for your house. Due to the versatility of these racks, they can be used for different purposes. Often such niches play the role of stands for elegant decorative fragments or original kitchen utensils in the dining space.

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